Asian handicap

Asian handicap bets represent a new way of betting. In particular, there is a tendency to avoid the mismatching of abilities between two teams assigning to one of the two a certain advantage, that can consist of advantage goals if it relates to soccer matches, games or sets if it relates to tennis matches, etc. in order to ensure the match is "balanced".

The unique aspect of Asian handicap betting is that there will always be only 2 bookmakers involved. A few examples involving a team penalized with a handicap:

You also have at your disposal some handicaps known as "split ball handicaps"when you want to give small advantages, for example an advantage of between 0 and 0-5. In this case, you will read: handicap of 0, 0.5 or 0 & 0.5. In essence it is as though you are making two bets, one with a handicap of 0 and the other with a handicap of 0.5 but in reality you are only making one. In this case, if the team with the handicap (0 & 0.5) wins, you win the wager for the odds given; if there is a draw you win half of the wager multiplied by the odds, while the other half of the wager is refunded; if it loses you lose the entire amount bet.

This simple asian handicap table could help give a better idea.

Payout explanation

Win You win your stake multiplied by the price
Win Half You win half your stake multiplied by the price, half your stake is returned
No Bet Your stake is returned
Lose Half You lose half your stake, half is returned
Lose You lose your stake